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Art x Light Arcade Calm and Peaceful Life

Art makes an invisible bridge connecting our life and the world. The design team stays true to its principles and critical design concept - Art, Life, & Green Atmosphere. Perfect art forms could inspire people's deep thinking about life and their feeling of moving for daily life. Fine art forms could harmonize with a city's landscape or natural environment. Through getting spatial thinking beyond a house's traditional functions & being conditional upon the combination of vision and function fulfilling, excellent artistic expressions embody the concept of beauty extending from exteriors into interiors, which is the best way to approach the art. These are how the team brings their ideas into concrete existence.

The householder couple and their family have run a business overseas for many years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, the family members now need to divide up work and travel back and forth to manage the business both inside and outside the country. For this renovated project, the female owner hopes the overall design could be made for the main housing where the whole family gets together in Taiwan in the future, even though their kids have purchased properties in Taipei before.

To get ready for the coming post-covid-19 era, the design team selects the materials mainly based on the nontoxic, formaldehyde-free, damp proofing, and corrosion-resistant characteristics. These selected materials aim to build a healthy and eco-friendly customized house under the theme of ''Art, Life, & Green Atmosphere.'' In the vestibule, a hidden door is set behind the doma area, a Japanese-style earthen floor. A cloakroom equipped with an electronic closet is placed behind the hidden door. It's not just a place where people could sanitize their clothes as soon as they come back home but a ''smart design'' closely fitting the living needs. The touch panel installed on the wall is a planned smart system based on the house owner's living habits, which makes each power switch individually and easy to use for the elders. The smart touch panel includes the functions of dehumidifying the whole inner space and turning on/off the air purifiers. Apart from that, this intelligent system installs a light switch particularly made for an artistic-style chandelier. Echoing the ceiling lamp, the design team adorns the line-lamp-designed lighting strips along the skirting in the public areas to build an interior ''art-style light arcade.''