RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN | Contemporary Villa Surrounded by Green Beautiful Garden

Beautiful space deduces perfect living. Home is to connect relationship among family and its value comes from living experience. Living the life is the core value; it is not only about a space, but a strength adherence. From entrance, we built a social kitchen by moving partition and combining living room and dining room into one space. We set elevator and stairs apart on both ends and make the space of living room more open. In this way, you can enjoy the garden view in the middle of the space. At 2nd floor, you can find a walk-in closet and a divided bath room before you walk into the mater bed room. By glossy design for wooden, imported wall paper with clean and efficient metal line cutting, resident can feel it like a sense of 5 starts hotel. Upper lighting filters through the basement, make the artist wall paper as nature, lining design is correlated the imagination of high ceiling space, create all possibilities of life and be a space for family connecting.